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rate my picture
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Heylo! Welcome to my community, I'm "illustriously" and I'm the owner of this community, This community if for you to display your picture for other lj to rate! I hope this community grows alot.

The Lovely Ladies in my community icon are my friends, Jackie, Terichan, and Jessi, I have rating numbers on them but it isn't really a rating, so don't take it personal, I just put any number on them.

****Rules For This Community

[!] If you post large photos or multiple images, please use the lj-cut code.
<*LJ-CUT TEXT="Click Me!"> (Take out the Star, no space)

[!] Post an entry with your self picture, you will be rated by other members
on a scale of 1-10 (1 being the worst, 10 being the hot/best/good)

[!] You don't have to have a picture to join, you can still just rate!

[!] You can post as many times as you want!!

[!] No!!!!!! Nude pictures what so ever, I'm only 15, I don' t need to see
that stuff. You will automatically will be banned from the community.

[!] Only post pictures of yourself, any type of pictures are
welcomed (I don't mean nudies). *Web Cams/Scanned.. ect, ect*

[!] Please do not harass any other members in this community about
their pictures, if you think their ugly or if you think you're better,
keep it to your self you don't need to post hate comments.

[!] TELL OTHERS!! ABOUT THIS COMMUNITY (this isn't really a rule but it would be nice.)

[ :) ] If anyone has any suggestions about how this community could improve better please
e-mail me at megamipeorth@aol.com or leave a comment, in my journal illustriously


****Rating a Picture

Please use these following codes. (take out the star and don't put a space) To Rate a picture.


<*img src="http://www.liquid2k.com/ranchann/Rate1.gif">

<*img src="http://www.liquid2k.com/ranchann/Rate2.gif">

<*img src="http://www.liquid2k.com/ranchann/Rate3.gif">

<*img src="http://www.liquid2k.com/ranchann/Rate4.gif">

<*img src="http://www.liquid2k.com/ranchann/Rate5.gif">

<*img src="http://www.liquid2k.com/ranchann/Rate6.gif">

<*img src="http://www.liquid2k.com/ranchann/Rate7.gif">

<*img src="http://www.liquid2k.com/ranchann/Rate8.gif">

<*img src="http://www.liquid2k.com/ranchann/Rate9.gif">

<*img src="http://www.liquid2k.com/ranchann/Rate10.gif">




There will be no contests in this community, but there will be a "livejournal cutie of the month" everymonth as soon as we get enough members, so JOIN JOIN!


My Sister Community!! The owner is a sweety!

****Official Rate Me Sites:

www.rateme.com = rate me [DOT] com
www.hotornot.com = hot or not [DOT] com
www.ratemyface.com = rate my face [DOT] com
www.ratemypicture.com = rate my picture [DOT] com